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One thing everyone agrees on is that Big Pot is here to stay. Nadelmann has been a pawn for the wrong side and it seems like only now is he beginning to realize that the same marketing whizzes that got America hooked on Starbucks will churn out several new generations of ardent marijuana users.

He should look up the term unintended consequences. The most online casino mit system part about this is that multiple people told him this is exactly what would happen. I wrote a piece in the immediate aftermath calling for colleges and universities around the country to shut down fraternities and sororities.

Members and alumni of the Greek system were outraged and responded in droves. She died drinking at a fraternity. Those are indisputable facts. In the last six weeks, there have been several more fraternity and online casino mit system related disasters. I list several of them below. Today, More info Virginia University announced that is was suspending all frats and sororities after an 18 year old was found unconscious and not breathing station casinos a Online real cash frat he died a few days later.

One online casino mit system earlier, 19 pledges got involved in a street brawl. I know that I am going to seemingly malign a whole state here, but seriously, read article know that an institution has gotten out of hand when it is banned in West Virginia.

In September, Clemson University suspended all frats after the death of a teenage pledge. Last month, Phi Kappa Psi was suspended at Brown University a great, world class school after online casino mit system students reported they were given date rape drugs and one of them claimed she was sexually assaulted later that evening. Two weeks ago, the New York Times published an article about the high cost of Greek life.

Pledges and members of sororities are often asked to spend a lot of money on fees, parties, clothes and other events each semesters. Living in a fraternity or sorority house is by far the strongest indicator of binge drinking in college, a new study by the Harvard School of Online casino mit system Health reports.

Four members of the alumni softball team. Pat is the young blonde man. Our friend Pat died last week. He was 30 years old. Pat got sober as a young man. He went to Rutgers and lived in Recovery Online casino mit system. I met him in I was finishing up my masters in social work and he was a rowdy undergraduate full of zest and life.

He was close friends with a number of guys that I eventually became quite tight with. Pat was a strong member of the recovery community and he was extremely welcoming and supportive of newcomers. He was the RA of the Recovery House during the school year which was the year before I was hired to oversee the online casino mit system. Pat was never my student or my client.

I was never responsible for him. We were both just members of the Rutgers Recovery Community who felt a strong sense of gratitude and dedication to the Recovery House. Eventually we became friends. Pat shared his experience with me as a RA and made some suggestions for improving the program. He played in our Alumni-Student softball games, sang at Karaoke with his friends, and spoke with current online casino mit system about the importance of academics and internships.

He shared his time and experience. In the past 18 months, I went to Costa Rica with Pat for a bachelor party, was in a wedding party with him and attended two other weddings together of mutual friends.

He enjoyed smoking cigars on online casino mit system beach, fine dinners, a good joke and dancing like a lunatic. One of my closest friends called me on Tuesday night and told me the news. I felt sad because Pat was my friend. I felt bad because Pat was an alumnus of the Rutgers Recovery program.

I felt frustrated because Pat had once turned his life around. I felt awful for his closest friends. I felt devastated for his family, especially his parents. I lost my friend Fraser in September of I had tried for several years to get him sober. Both Rutgers and myself have written about it.

I sent out an email to his closest friends:. I am so sorry for your loss. I know this pain all too well. I just wanted to share my experience with you all in the hope that it might be of some help.

Things he said, things you did together, jokes played, things that pissed you off and little gestures. Your mind will be flooded with memories over the next two weeks, and then they will slowly fade. You will never remember him as well as you do right now. Also…it will help you grieve. It took me a while to reconcile all of those feelings. It is ok and natural for you to be angry at Pat. Do not blame yourselves in any online casino mit system or carry that burden.

You were all good examples and good friends to online casino mit system. Do this for a number of weeks. I found that I talked about it a lot with a couple of close friends, shared about it at every online casino mit system I went online casino mit system and discussed it in therapy.

SinceI either get a letter, email or phone call from at least one online casino mit system of a young person who died from substance abuse each week.

The pain a parent experiences when their child dies is indescribable and immeasurable. There are no words or deeds of comfort. I watched my friends at the service. It happened so fast and seems so unreal. I wish I could take away their pain. All I can do is share my experience and be there for them. If you want to be a part of that scholarship, you can contact me.

Criminalization is costly, leads to a crowded criminal justice system and mars the records of otherwise upstanding citizens. Legalization is costly, leads to more cops, more use, more hospitalizations and more treatment episodes.

On Tuesday morning I received a call from playtech casinos free former colleague of mine that a young man was caught drinking on the job.

I was online casino mit system to get in touch with George and explain to him that the jig was up. I explained that he should go to treatment and that he could keep his job and that I would help him through this. He agreed to call several detoxes. Within 15 minutes, he had an appointment at a quality program in Central New Jersey for Wednesday morning.

The medical staff at the detox unit took his vital signs. He admitted to drinking for the last 72 hours and that he usually drinks 13 out of 14 days his pattern online casino mit system the last several months. The medical professionals and the substance abuse counselors all agreed that he needed to be admitted to the detox. Here is a word by word copy of our text conversation from Wednesday morning reprinted here with his der no deposit casino usa Vaginalzäpfchen. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know when they begin discharge planning.

How is that possible? Alcohol is one of two detoxes that you can die from. The clinician is really pushing for me to be accepted. Who is your insurance company and what kind of insurance is it?

My pulse is now. The doctor told me to go to a GP and have him prescribe me a benzo and online casino mit system at home. Who is the doctor reviewing your file for the insurance company.

We are going after him and that company. My student has been there for 36 hours now and is doing fine. Sadly, this is all too common. If you have a story like this or know someone who does, please fill out this form: NJ Insurance Complaint Form free online slot play for fun please tell your story to the press.

Halloween fell on a Friday night this year and college towns around the country were overrun with parties and alcohol-fueled hospitalizations. Today Californians will vote on reclassifying some crimes from felonies to misdemeanors in an attempt t o make it easier for ex-offenders to find jobs. This excellent piece appeared on This guy is very sharp. He does an excellent job explaining why medication should be a part of some treatment and recovery regimens. My only disagreement is that I think needle exchange programs are a little better than he makes them out to be.

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