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Gumbo is truly Creole in origin, but the Cajuns perfected it over time. As with jambalaya, gumbo is a good way to use up leftovers - any tasty combination of chopped meats and veggies can go into gumbo see notes below. I think this is another recipe my dad got from one of the many restaurants he worked at in New Orleans for so many years.

The first and most important step in the traditional, gumbo-cooking process is to heat a fat-and-flour mixture in which to cook the primary vegetable european roulette trick verboten. This is called "roux" pronounced " roo, " as in "kanga roo ".

We have the French to thank for this strange culinary concoction which makes all the difference in a really good gumbo! The cooking tradition of early French colonists from Europe is what makes http://topzona.info/play-store-real-money-casino.php dish "Creole" http://topzona.info/online-casino-3d.php nature; "Cajun" defines the culture of refugees who came to hide in south-Louisiana woods and swamps after they were exiled from French Canada by the British in the mids - their cooking is primarily based on the wild game and ingredients found in email online casino list immediate environment.

The second and final step is adding the rest of the ingredients and simmering until done. Mix the fat of your choice and flour together really well and put the mixture in a 4-quart 3. Traditionally, people put the oil in a pot, heat it up and then gradually add the flour. But mixing the two ingredients together first in a bowl before placing them in the pot works just fine.

I know that cooking butter for an extended amount of time turns it brown, and this can skew the appearance of the cooking process of this step of the recipe. Nearly every modern cook uses some kind of vegetable oil for this dish. I like to use peanut oil. The most important thing about the most important step to making gumbo is that you do not burn the roux! If you have never made gumbo roux before, the following instructions will virtually guarantee that you will not burn your roux.

Cook it slowly, stirring constantly with a wooden or metal spoon a plastic spoon or spatula will melt - I learned that the hard way! It will start out thick and clumpy in the pot, but will turn velvety and smooth after about ten minutes.

What you are basically doing at this point is gently frying the flour in the oil. You want to cook it until the mixture turns a rich, brown color.

This will take lots of time and patience on european roulette trick verboten part. You want your gumbo roux to reach a stage where it is cooked at least as dark as peanut european roulette trick verboten, but a dark, chocolate european roulette trick verboten makes for such a delightfully-hearty this web page of gumbo!

Creole Roux Cooking Time Chart: The amount of time it takes to cook a roux to an appropriate level of darkness seems to be an eternal mystery for tout le mond. But I have studied this cooking process for quite a while and am happy european roulette trick verboten present you the following chart as to what you may expect in cooking either a Creole or Cajun style of roux made with flour and vegetable oil at the temperature described above: Color looks like peanut butter - roux may be used at this point.

European roulette trick verboten renders a gumbo with a flavor and consistency comparable to that of typical American brands of commercially-canned gumbo soup.

Color turns a caramel-candy hue; smell starts to get intense and nutty online resources more Cajun in character. Roux is a nice, dark color, perfect in the eyes of european roulette trick verboten cooks!

The gumbo on the left had its roux cooked for only about 40 minutes, whereas the roux for european roulette trick verboten gumbo on the right was cooked for a full hour and 40 minutes.

The roux on the left is lighter and more red. It is more Creole-style. Though both are very good, the dark, country-style gumbo on the right is what European roulette trick verboten and I prefer! Some out there may say that the temperature I prescribe here is too low. This roux is ready for the vegetables - it has reached a dark enough color and will do. Cook the resulting mixture over the same heat as you cooked the roux, stirring occasionally so as not to burn it, until the onions are soft and translucent, and the mixture is reduced down.

I cover the pot and "sweat" the vegetables in the roux so that their moisture is rendered in the pot. After the okra quits roping, free online casino games no download if you choose to not include any okra, add the tomatoes and liquid gradually with the chicken broth or water it tastes best with the broth!

Serve in wide-rimmed bowls topped with about a half-cup of cooked rice ladled in the center of it. Serves 4 - 6. What is not european roulette trick verboten with this dish, as with most dishes of the Cajun and Creole tradition, is what we call the "trinity of Louisiana cooking" - chopped onions, celery and green, bell pepper.

Have fun and experiment a little! But there is evidence out there that the word gumbo is actually a West-African word meaning okra.

Logic would then dictate that okra is not optional in gumbo, but is rather no deposit bonus canada 2015 integral component quite mandatory to making truly authentic gumbo. Use a little or european roulette trick verboten a lot, but make sure you use some! I also measure out all the dry ingredients and store them on the kitchen counter in a small container wrapped in cling film overnight.

That way, all I have to do the next day before cooking the gumbo roux is measure out the wet ingredients! Back to the Recipes. Back to the Recipes sitemap. Mixture turns velvety, no distinct odor. Color starts to change, smells like buttered popcorn! Color changes to that of butterscotch pudding. Color looks like baked gingerbread.

Color is almost milk chocolate. Color is a little bit darker than milk chocolate. Color and consistency is like a light chocolate sauce. The Rest of the Recipe!

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